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Happy 5th Anniversary Mama

Today is 23rd August 2007. The same day 5 years ago, I lost one of the person I love most. One that took care of me and play her part in making who I am today. One that are always there for me when there’s no one I can turned to. One that scold me like no tomorrow and beats me up when I did wrong things, and one whom made me dearest to her heart. She’s my adopted mom who took care of me since I was 3 months old. I called her Ma for 22 years of my life.

Ma, in her younger years

I woke up this morning, crying from my dream. I was there, preparing dinner with my
adopted sisters and brother, helping Ma to take her delicious dishes towards the dinner table. I was very happy and took out 2 item that Mama wants me to have. I was showing her, a green jade Long Life God locket – one which I had with me now, while the other was a white gold ring. Mama joyous face came down to a frown and she began talking like she had lost memory, in a mumbling way. Watching her in such a state made me started to cry, unstoppable when the vision of seeing her in such condition and the possibilities of losing her flashes across my mind.

I snapped myself out of dream and came back to the reality, with real tears on my face. It took me only moments to start flipping my old diary, it has got to be a special day when I dream about her. I was indeed correct. Today is my Mama 5th Anniversary. Happy Anniversay Ma. You’re always in my heart, and I’ll always love you.

Uncommon magic at 07:30 hour: I still misses her a whole lot and tears do comes down whenever I think her.


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Sushi Groove – One Utama

Another gastronomic adventure to fill up your day. Check it out at bitch::about::food.

Sushi Groove
Delicious pictures awaits you at bitch::about::food

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People Search Engine :

If you’re a fan of the TV Series Ghost Whisperer, starring Jenniffer Love Hewitt, works just like the search engine “Far & Near” that assists Melinda Gordon in her guest to finding the “light” for the dead who came to seek her help.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
The Ghost Whisperer, beautiful Jeniffer Love Hewitt

You must be asking now, what is so special about What is the resemblance between “Far & Near” as depicted in the TV Series? Well, is not your normal “everything” search engine but rather it focuses around people information only. One surprising fact was there is no advertisement placed in the website, weird. Ain’t everyone heading towards online advertising?

Privacy Invasion
I hear you saying, “I can search people in my favorite social networking site too”, of course you can do that. What tries to achieve is to consolidate all your online profiles across the world wide web into one single entities and provide one centralize access to your online presence. This would come to a shock for some to hear as it definitely sounds like privacy invasion. I do play with that idea a little while but upon finishing the Help page on, it doesn’t sound as bad as it is.

The fact is, if you have chosen to have a public profile created on social networking space such as or with the relevant information and pictures that you’d like the world to see, you have already lost your privacy. claimed to adhere to the same guidelines as any other search engines around in their crawling (which consists of social networking sites) and only does crawl for information that is made public. In order to protect your online profiles from getting indexed by, you’ll need to set your profiles as Private in your social networking website.

Technology Mash-up to me is a mixture of Search Engine, Technorati, Social Networking and Wikipedia. Apart from relying on the crawling information for their search results, results takes input from community members to determine the authenticity of a profile in the form of tagging, related people, tag voting, adding related information and allowing members to claim their own profile.

1. Technology Mash-up: - Tagging

Tagging are made available to registered members only and are easily accessible on the first panel of each result detailed page.

2. Technology Mash-up: Related People - Related People

This tool is useful and allow the content to grow as member participate in adding the related people that they know of in regards to the current viewing profile. It is similar to the Friends list that social networking sites have but this one takes input from the public instead and the relationship extends across the limit of friends only. Think of the possibility to add related people to the profile and add them as “Club Fun”, “Jerk”, “Slut” – get my drift?

3. Technology Mash-up: Tag Voting - Tag Voting

Maybe this profile is yours, and someone just decided to tag you as “Jerk”. You hate that, so what can you do? Vote off that “Jerk” tag. Well, doesn’t really “vote off” but you’re deducting the authority of the tag (think of Technorati Authority). This tag voting basically provides judgment baseline for anyone who’s looking at your profile and merely helps to determine if you do indeed a “Jerk” ;

4. Technology Mash-up: Add Related Info - Related Info

A very useful section for those who’s searching for extensive information about a specific person. However this is only achievable with proper collaboration from members to provide legitimate and relevant links. Let’s hope that do take into consideration of spammer as I’m foreseeing them to start feeding each profiles with their irrelevant spam links by signing up as member.

5. Technology Mash-up: Claim Your Profile - Claim Your Profile

Are you Paris Hilton? You’re kidding me. Do I know Paris Hilton? Invite her to Spock? Yes, you can do just that. If anyone of you out there who knows Paris Hilton, click that link to invite her to and claimed her saucy profile. made it easy for member to claim their profile as their profile could turn up in multiple instance within search results. This being the fact that each social networking profiles are of separate entities and members are required to claimed them in order to consolidate their online presence. The feature of Claim Your Profile is again, similar to the feature available in Technorati.

Get started on
In order for you to make full use of search capabilities, you’re required to register as a member. Membership are free at the moment and you’re given 101 invites (weird number, isn’t it?) to send out to friends whom you wish to be part of the community.

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BitchAboutFood – Updated

Brand new entry in my food blog that I have quite left out from update for sometimes. Jump over to read the new article I posted, and enjoy the good food pictures. Let’s hope I still can find the time to indulge myself into good meals and have the crave to post about them for your reading pleasures. Enjoy.

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How to Write Blog Post that attracts Search Engine Results

1. Understand your blog and what you want
Every other How to Blog article would tell you the same thing – find your niche market. You’ll need to understand the kind of crowd you wants to attract. Your blog has to revolve around topics that capture that niche interest you’re pursuing and hopefully, a fruitful results at the end of your hard day’s work. Take Uncommon Magic for example, it tells you the everyday story of a city folk – that’s me. I write about pretty much everything, and tries to stays in touch with topics that in my opinion, you’re looking for. Also, I tries to do my bits to find that “uncommon magic” in my everyday life and shares with you, however small or intricate it is. In return, I get to practice my Copywriting and better honed my communication skills in real life.

2. Write informative, keyword intensive and search engine friendly title
It sounds as simple as it is. Take this post for example, the title is straight to the point and informative for anyone looking for ways to attracts search engine to their blog. Try to keep away from writing title such as “Oh my god, I’m late!”, or the like of “Incredible Pudding Ever” but rather, tries to position it differently in the light of “Time Management, Lesson for Office Late Comer” and perhaps “Traditional Slow Baked Pudding, Jenny Home Secret Recipe”. You’ll be surprise at the wonders title can make to drive search engine traffic to your blog.

3. Integrate with your community, be in the know of what’s going on
Read the news. Publish your own view on articles that caught your attention. Write informative content that debate points or additional information on top of what you get from the published piece of news. It is also useful to provide link back to the referrer article if it is available on-line.

4. Do not afraid to link
Make friends with your fellow bloggers. Give proper credits where it’s due. Provide link to the reference websites/blogs if you do use one. Having proper link connections with other more established websites/blogs do increase your chances to attract search engine results.

5. Analyze your reader behavior, read the search keyword that drive traffics
You’ll need to monitor the search keywords that your reader used to reach your blog. Take lead from the list of keywords and learn what your readers are looking for in our huge bloggersphere. Write relevant articles based on your search keywords in return of more search results traffic. Populating the keywords across your article will help to generate sufficient amount of keywords density in favor of better search results ranking that goes without saying, increasing your blog traffic.

This article is a mean to share with you things I’ve learnt over the period of 69 days of my blog existence as well as knowledge which I gained through reading over the web. It is by no mean a proven tips/method of how to increase your blog traffic. Do share with me your views on this topic shall you happened to stumbled upon Uncommon Magic.

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10 Things About My Friend

  1. Does not matter he’s a girl or boy – no skeptical stereotyping individuals allowed.
  2. Seen enough of the world to share your views of life.
  3. Laugh along with my crappy and stupid jokes.
  4. Listen to me ranting about anything and everything.
  5. Let me be the ear of your life wrecking moments, giving u the shoulders to cry on if you needs.
  6. Do know that I’m in anti social mood and allergic to human when I do not pick up the phone, nor do I response to any form of communications, without notice.
  7. Enjoy good food, be it in fancy restaurants or side walk stalls
  8. Have a vision in life, know what you want, and act upon it
  9. Loved to travel.
  10. Love me but love yourself even more.

Friends are rare in adult life.  Acquaintance are many, but to have one that share the same traits and laugh at the same joke – rare. So there you goes. My meme of the day.

Join me by posting your own 10 Things About My Friend at your blog, and let me know in the comments section. I’d loved to meet new people who share the same interest as I do. Cheers people!

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