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In split seconds

I was involved in an accident last night. One that almost caused a person life. One that caused my heartbeat to stop momentarily at the sight of his body slamming into the road sign poll, flipping in the air, before landing on the other side of the road.

It was all within seconds. It took me a moments to snap myself out from the shock to join Noel and Ben who were already around him to check on his conditions. I can only count my blessing to know that he is still alive and none of his bones were broken. It was unbelievable to see that he only has minor injuries – few scratches on his arms and some bruises on his legs. His Yamaha 125SS was still intact despite the meter panel which were totally ripped off it’s original position, hanging on a few strands of wires. He looked calm when we helped him up, complaining of minor pain on his legs.

Accident - The inter section
Where it happened
Accident - The Poll Sign
The sign he hit
Accident - Poll
Plunged sign poll, reenacted
Accident - The Head Panel
The head panel
Accident - Front view
Front view

He must have been riding his bike around the speed of 70 to 80 km/hr. I was just coming out from Lake Garden nearby the Parliament’s building, taking in the left turn that brings me towards the split junction of KL Sentral and Jalan Duta. I’m driving on the right lane which head towards Jalan Duta. It was my worst nightmare to see what’s coming from my side mirror when I slowed down my car and switched on the left turn signal. He is in a dark colored outfits and were too fast for me to decide if I should take a drastic right turn or just speed towards the road ahead to avoid what’s coming. The next thing we know – a loud tugged sound of him hitting the left side of my car and a flying stunt that were just too awful to watch.

I was totally freaked out but I’m still able to think of the approriate steps to take. We head towards TTDI for “buka puasa” after making a phone call to 112 which direct us to the traffic police department. I’m told that we just need to file a police report between 24 hours before the police check out the incident’s location. I’m still in my sane mind to call around and ask for opinions on my next step – should I file a report or settle the case with that guy? After a few calls, I was told that the maximum penalty for causing a road accident were RM300 while repairing the bike’s head panel would cost around the range of RM250. I had my mind set for paying the compensation instead of going through the tedious and time consuming process of filing a police report.

To my surprise, Ben told me that he was a Police Officer – right after I made some phone calls outside the restaurant while they waited for the food. I don’t think it make me feel any different as I’ve already decided earlier to either file a police report or have it settle on our own terms. It was not entirely my fault as I didn’t hit him. Instead he came from behind and hit my car. I guess it was purely because I felt miserable for being a part of the accident that caused his “flying stunt” and I wanted to compensate for that.

We were back to the accident’s scene right after the dinner and waited for his friend who came after some 45 minutes – it was scary, the cars were extremely fast on both side of the road. He accepted my offer of RM350 to close the case.

I can only thanked god that I did not take a person life today. Drive safely, no matter you’re in a car or on a bike.

Uncommon magic at 07:08 hour: Life can be wrecked in a blink of eye. Live well and endure each blinking moments you have.


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How to pissed off your employee

My entire day was totally wrecked in a 15 minutes brief face to face talk to explained about the number of days I will be compensated for my works over the weekend as well as during the past holiday’s season.

1st Replacement Leave Claim Form
I’ve worked my ass off during the Merdeka Holiday – which I’m told by the Project Director that we’re to received a 2 days replacement leave for each day of work. I’m working for the entire weekend – a total of 3 days, that allows me to claimed a total of 6 days and my form were approved by both Project Manager and the Project Director. Wait a minute, their signature doesn’t mean anything? How on earth can she asked me in the face – how did you claim 6 days? Hello? Can’t you communicate with your colleagues? You’ve got the Project Director signature! I’m furious.

2nd Replacement Leave Claim Form
This one is even better, although it makes sense to her – it simply doesn’t to us when we’re putting our “life” behind for projects we’re committed to. We’re working non-stop for 24 hours due to some people who over committed to client but it is OK. We’ve no choice but to deliver in the name of preserving the company’s dignity or we’re simple f**ked and slapped with fines that goes up to several hundred thousands shall we failed. We were told on the morning after which we deliver the project that we’re allowed to go home and rest, while the company will give us an additional replacement leave for the work we put up last night. Bang! She has her own rules again and goes on to says there is no such thing as we’ve taken the next day off.

Managers, read here
What impact did she create in the existing sore employee-management relationship? Hatred and anger towards the company and derailed morale level among employees – which is already at the lowest level.

How could one who sits at a secluded corner of the office behind closed door ever do understand the work we did for the company? Have she even sees how the production team worked? How we put our time in the projects? How we need to squeeze in a comfortable dinner with the RM10 which the company “awards” us for working late night? How we spend the weekend in office trying to get things done while she’s having a stroll down the neighborhood mall, or maybe pasar malam? I’m lucky to have a team of hardworking and fun to work with people. Life is so much more acceptable with them around despites all the bullshit we’re getting from company who doesn’t sees us.

How bullshit can it be when a matter as simple as a replacement leaves’s form that bears signature from Project Director and yet rejected from a Finance Manager? What about a Finance Manager that don’t even bother to check how much more annual leaves to compensate you despite the fact that earlier request to totally clear the remaining annual leaves in lieu with resignation notice which was rejected? We – the people who work in the production do communicate and clarify things we do not understand or doubted. Can’t Managers do the same thing? Is there no communications in the management level? I think, that is exactly what is happening.

The problem I have with the company was they never want to wake up from their dream. They envisioned huge projects. Big income. International awards. Multi-millions company as their client. And boy… what do we have at the back room? A very, very small team to execute their never ending promises to client. That very, very small team were never received enough acknowledgment and help always come at the very last minute, only when the gun were pointed at the empty skull.

I need someone to give them Management 101 lessons as well as some Karma lessons. When you treat your employee by the book, we will go by the book.

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