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Another vintage camera from Dad

The Rasa Food Court at the 4th floor KLCC was quickly filled up with people having their lunch break, I’m lucky to find us a table. I was there earlier than Dad does as he couldn’t find parking. I’d asked Mom to bring the kids to Petrosains as they’re having school holidays and have nothing better to do than staying rotten at home. To my suprise, Dad brought me his Fujica STX-1 when we met up for lunch. He was very enthuastic to show me the camera, I can only smile at him and listen.

We head to Petrosains after our lunch and god, that place was filled with kids! Mom was a little resisting to join the crowd as she said it is too packed to bring the kids in. I, on the other hand insisted that she bring the kids in since we just have to wait for another 30 minutes (the next entry time slot is 1.30PM). They have drive all the way down town and I don’t feel good to have the kids go home without visiting Petrosains as I promised them for the day. The ticket counter personnel informed me that the full tour ticket was sold out. We settled for the “incomplete tour” tickets which skips the Helicopter Station – I’ve no idea why they wanted to do that. The “incomplete tour” was said to take about 3 hours and I passed Dad the tickets and said goodbye to them, making my way back to office.

Uncommon magic at 13:00 hour: The smile on the kids’ face and receiving another vintage camera from Dad.

Some stuff about the Fujica STX-1 that I found around the world-wide-web:

  • Manufactured by Fuji during the late 1970s and early 1980s
  • The focal plane shutter is mechanical, with a top speed of 1/750th of a second
  • Flash sync at 1/60th of a second
  • The lowest speed is 1/2 second and the camera includes a bulb setting
  • Selected shutter speed is shown along the left side of the viewfinder through a mechanical linkage
  • Along the right side of the viewfinder is a match needle, used for setting proper exposure
  • Uses an averaging meter
  • DOF preview control is present
  • Everything is manual, no program modes available
  • Battery required to run the meter only
  • Compatible batteries: LR44-type alkaline-manganese batteries; HR44-type mercury bakeries; SR44-type silver oxide batteries
  • Mount of type Fujica X, compatible with Fujica X lenses that are ofthen difficult to find


Here’s the camera I got from Dad:

Fujica STX-1


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When friends and love collides

“My Best Friend’s Wedding”, a romantic comedy that remained one of my favourite movie of all time. The movie evolves around Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) who found out her long-time best friend Michael is getting married. Julianne secretly hopes that the promised made between Michael and herself – to both marry to each other if they are still single at 28; will one day become true. Things turned upside down when Julianne decided to heads to Chicago, with the sole intention to sabotage Michael’s wedding, resulting in many hilarious and embarassing moments ahead.

If you’ve never watched this movie before, or perhaps you’re interested to delve deeper into the movie details, check out WikiPedia.

Taking the above movie as an example, I believe many of us have been in Julianne’s position, or had heard of friends who does – falling in love with your best friend; albeit not to the extreme of destroying one’s wedding, or marriage. The first question you may ask yourself, what should I do now? Many things came running in your mind. Putting up your friendship build along the years on jeopardy might be the first and foremost of your consideration. One that put on your thinking cap, perhaps you should supress the urge to tell him/her your true feeling? Will both of you share the same “best friend” relationship after your confession?

I have not been in Julianne’s shoe but of course, being the “want to know all” person, I do have friends who confide in me with such dilemma. I’d say think about the consequences. Come out with the game plan. Backed it up with an exit door. Brace yourself to accept the outcome, and assure your friend that both of you will remain best friends shall things does not bend the way you wished for.

Come out with the game plan.
I know. It’s easier said than done. But I do believe with proper plan and taking time to execute them without the rush-rush, your love interest (in this case, your best friend) will take note that something is going on. Also, you need to think rationally (I know love is blind, people don’t think that much when they are in love!) of the pros and cons for having your best friend as your lover/partner. You must also remember that you shall not give pressure when you finally decides to talk to him/her. Allowing ample space for them to think and decides shows your respect on their final decision while do not highlight yourself as a desperate man/woman wanting to be love (although you may feel that way, deep inside).

Backup with an exit door, brace yourself.
It doesn’t matter how badly you wanted your best friend to be on another level of relationship with you. Remind yourself, things can go bad, awkward or worst, you might loose your friend. Brace yourself. Assure your best friend that you do respect his/her decision, that both of you will remain best friends, no matter what the answer is. You will never know what the future lies ahead, he/she could be rejecting your initial proposal. Confront your current reality. Get on with your life. Maintain your best friends relationship. He/She might develop love feeling to you since you’ve opened up your heart to him/her. Good things happened to those who wait.

Uncommon magic at 11:26 hour: I’m babling about love, something I am rather not that good, but life makes me think. It makes me feel alive.

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I’m late!

I just came back from my delayed and extended lunch break. I was suppose to meet up with Noel and Burn at 1pm but was unable to do so, due to work commitment. It was after the meeting that I gave Burn a call and decided on the phone that I’ll probably see him on Saturday. Right after ending the call, I’m thinking for a minute and chosen to get a late lunch break with him as I needed to give him his birthday present. It took me a speed record of 15 minutes walking none stop to reach KLCC from my office, passing roads and through what seems like a neverending walkway tunnel connected from Aquaria KLCC.

I felt a slight cramp on my feet once I reached A&W, only to know that I’m on the other end of the mall while Burn was with Noel getting some Rotiboy. I was happy to see him and impressed with his new suit, not for long though as I thought the design looks slightly too old for him, he’s only 23 for god sake. So here comes Burn question, “What do you think of my new suit?”. “You want an honest answer”, I replied. “Yeah, sure!”. I am pretty sure I’d say something nasty but well, kept my cool and suggested that the lapels are slightly too wide, gave an impression of a not so young looking suit. “I should had asked for a dishonest reply!”. I could only laugh at his remarks.

We headed to Dome for some bites and drink, spending time chatting about his interviews in Traders Hotel earlier and some catching up with what’s going on in his life lately. I felt happy making the decision to have lunch with him although I am way passed my lunch break hour as there are 2 uncommon magics revealed itself this evening:

Uncommon magic at 14:45 hour: A piece of news that I need to keep to myself.

Uncommon magic at 15:30 hour: Karthikeyan, a friend I last met 15 years ago (when I’m in Primary 6) came by our table and say hi!

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Swim Day

My colleague wasn’t in, and I’m alone working on the new project database schema which I need his input before we get the real work started. As such, I get to go off early; at 6pm, and head to Sungei Wang to met up with Ben and Noel.

I walked my way to Sungei Wang and called Ben when the traffic light junctions at the McDonalds corner was about 500m away. By the time he picked up the phone, I was asking where he is and realized, “Hey, look to your right!”. He’s crossing the road from Lot 10 side with his bunch of friends.

Uncommon magic at 18:15 hour: Both friends are on time and met at cross roads.

We were having light snacks at cafe while waiting for Noel to come over. The weather looks good. We were talking among ourselves. It’d be a good day to swim, so we thought. We made our way out of Times Square, heading to Xiao He’s apartment in Bukit Jalil through OUG. Tiny rain drops started to came down, we were like “Oh, no!! What the f**k! We came all this far….”. Ben insisted that we go on and swim, “Don’t care!”; and we did.

It turned out that we got a pretty decent time to swim, while I got the chance to practice; for those who don’t know, I can’t swim. I find myself not able to synchronize my hands and legs movement, but I learned to breath properly today. It was okay, I will get there with more practice session.

Uncommon magic at 21:45 hour: Friends get to spent time swimming, rain came pouring once we’re done.

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Canon Virtual Lense Plant Tour

If you’ve ever wonder how camera lenses are manufactured, this virtual tour provide a very informational tour of steps involved in lense making, walking you through every processes in each step.

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Revealing uncommon magic

I’ve been toying with this name since I started in photography 2 months ago. Last March, I got myself a brand new Canon DSLR (Digital Single Len Reflex) camera; Canon 350D with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lense. It all started when EarthKid loan me her Canon 300D for my Bali trip back in February. It absolutely made me felt in love with such kind of camera – big, black, bulky and detachable lenses that served various purpose.

Ever since I got myself this new toy, I started to join the world of forum. The first that I registered as member was It was an eye opener as there was so many photography enthuasist in Malaysia and they are absolutely a helpful bunch of people.

Spending my time reading the vast library of topics posted by fellow forumers, as well as looking at the beautiful pictures posted, I started to see how ordinary things that happened around us can past by without us taking a deeper look, simply because it happens everyday. All this wonders are captured within that tiny viewfinder on our black, bulky DSLR camera, to show the world how small things can be beautiful, how every moment can be magical.

That is when I started to think – uncommon magic; it happens in your everyday life. Only if you will take the time to look at it, to appreacite it; be it people, things, or everyday life instances.

Unveil your uncommon magic today. I’ll find mine and keep you posted.

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