Happy 5th Anniversary Mama

August 23, 2007 at 7:57 am 1 comment

Today is 23rd August 2007. The same day 5 years ago, I lost one of the person I love most. One that took care of me and play her part in making who I am today. One that are always there for me when there’s no one I can turned to. One that scold me like no tomorrow and beats me up when I did wrong things, and one whom made me dearest to her heart. She’s my adopted mom who took care of me since I was 3 months old. I called her Ma for 22 years of my life.

Ma, in her younger years

I woke up this morning, crying from my dream. I was there, preparing dinner with my
adopted sisters and brother, helping Ma to take her delicious dishes towards the dinner table. I was very happy and took out 2 item that Mama wants me to have. I was showing her, a green jade Long Life God locket – one which I had with me now, while the other was a white gold ring. Mama joyous face came down to a frown and she began talking like she had lost memory, in a mumbling way. Watching her in such a state made me started to cry, unstoppable when the vision of seeing her in such condition and the possibilities of losing her flashes across my mind.

I snapped myself out of dream and came back to the reality, with real tears on my face. It took me only moments to start flipping my old diary, it has got to be a special day when I dream about her. I was indeed correct. Today is my Mama 5th Anniversary. Happy Anniversay Ma. You’re always in my heart, and I’ll always love you.

Uncommon magic at 07:30 hour: I still misses her a whole lot and tears do comes down whenever I think her.


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  • 1. eddie  |  November 14, 2007 at 12:31 am

    very touching post. glad that you love Ma very much

    may Ma rest in peace


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