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July 19, 2007 at 10:31 am 1 comment

The sudden rise of social networking site, the like of Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, have everyone talking about privacy intrusions – whether intentional or unintentional.

Friendster Facebook

Recent survey carried out by Nielsen acknowledging the social networking culture firmed position, with Friendster as the second most visited website in the country, followed closely behind Yahoo. Malaysia contribute a total of 23.6% to Friendster’s global internet traffic, making it the number one social networking website in our country. This figure proved that Malaysian are well aware of the existence of such culture, one that is culminated everywhere around the world and there is no sign of slowing down, just yet. My fear was how well do we understand and aware, the impact of what we posted in each of our profile that might affect our life – now or the coming future? Will it come back to haunt you for something you posted, says 5 years ago?

A Friendster member myself, I do keep a few things open and revealed to people who viewed my profile. The like of the usual profile information such as Attended Schools/Colleges, Favorite Books/Movies/Music, Past Time Activities, Brief Description of yourself – all in a bid to gained attention and acquiring new and hopefully, profound friendship for many years to come. I believe that many others like myself do post personal pictures – depicting our physical appearance, be it face shot, half body, full body – anything you can do with a camera, as well as those taken together with friends and family. Some may be pretty and elegant, some are intentionally goofy and explicit and some are never meant to be shown to the public asides from close friends and buddies. Where am I heading to you’re asking?

Apart from the Basic Profile information itself, things that most concerned to me was the posting of personal images in our profile. Some images may just felt appropriate at the time of posting, but it may not be so when says for example – when it’s viewed by your colleague? In worst case scenario, you may not know when someone decided to grab your photo and post it on some other site and screaming ecstatically over your “F**K ME” pose .

A very good example was the recent case of Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo whom received an email threatening her to resign her crown title, failing to do so will result in the perpetrator to make her “obscene” photos public. This came out as a result of Amy herself, who posted the images in her former Facebook Web page which has taken down offline since. With leniency such as one from Mark Soifer which responded to her images as “Kids having a good time“, I’m sure Amy will sailed through this phase of her life – a mixture of utmost glory and gore.

Amy Polumbo
Amy Polumbo, looking decent and pretty

Ok, so you may say that “No, I’m no Miss New Jersey” but hey, you could be the one leading a corporate life, heading a team of people that looks up to you and takes order. Think of it that there’s one glory morning when they found out you’re one hell of nut case after viewing your photos in your Friendster/Facebook/MySpace – what’s next? This situation can simply land on anyone laps, only when you are caught unwary of what you do on these social networking site.

Social networking site are here to stay, and they are invading our everyday life and changing the way we communicate with the world. One can be wiser by just weighing the consequences of what you posted on the websites, are you ready if it turns on the wrong hand? Thinking twice before hitting that Upload button may save you a lot of trouble when the power of the universe decided to play a joke on you. Just watch out for yourself. Have fun!


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