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How to get a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

I hope the title do grab your attention. Not that I’m a match maker nor am I an expert in relationship matter but this piece came upon my mind after reading a post in Timothy Tiah blog – hilarious! It all tracked back to another bloggers’ post, Pinkster where she writes to inform the World Wide Web people who reads her blog to Apply to be her Boyfriend. What amused me even more was the fact that there was actually a site dedicated for such thing – ApplySpace. Cute!

You know what to do when you’re desperately looking for a date don’t you now? Go ahead and amuse yourself.


November 24, 2007 at 5:03 pm 2 comments

How to get your car windscreen smashed, again!

It was raining cats and dogs the entire day. My schedule was packed like there should be another instance of myself working side by side with me. Besides the daily email streams that arrived into my Inbox every 5 minutes, there are 3 meetings to attend. It’s even worst when you’re wasting more than an hour after the meeting to get back to the office, and ended up working late.

So I was in Sri Hartamas for dinner/supper, parked my car in front of the restaurant rows, and made the most stupid decision to leave my laptop bag in the car. The laptop wasn’t in the bag. I’m using it to store my work documents, the laptop’s charger and the mouse. That’s about it. Somehow, some idiot who’s too desperate for money decided to smashed my rear window and take the bag away for good.

I was standing there, looking at the smashed window and thinked – what on earth is the idiot doing? There’s nothing in the bloody bag! But well, think again – the joke was on myself. Who wouldn’t think it’s a laptop when you sees a fat ass Dell laptop bag sitting in a car? I should have learned my lesson 4 years back, when the first time the same thing happened to me. That time around though, my personal laptop was stolen for good. I hope this time around, the lesson would sunk itself in my brain. So people, don’t you ever, ever, ever repeat my mistake.

Do I feel sad? Not really. The thing is, I got this bad feeling that something is going to happen to my laptop (in fact – it belongs to my company). Maybe The Law of Attraction is playing it’s role, and I’m sucked into what I attracted in returns.

I’m skipping my mornings’ meeting today and heading to workshop to get my windscreen fix. Wish me tonne of luck, and maybe striking a number or two in lottery. Keep smiling people, it makes you feels good.

November 14, 2007 at 8:19 am 3 comments

BERSIH Mass Rally in front of Istana Negara

A little bit of late news that I just got to know yesterday evening which explains why I’m stucked in a jam of more than half an hour on the road heading towards Istana Negara earlier in the morning.

Apparently, there’s an illegal gathering led by Anwar Ibrahim in an attempt to appeal to The Majesty on actions against unfair elections – specifically targeted at group of people as well as the Election Commissions (SPR). Not a politician myself nor am I very inert in this subject but I find it interesting that such a huge rally do take place in our beloved country, Malaysia. Here’s a video from YouTube – the crowd was massive!


A chronologinal overview or the BERSIH Rally with Google Map from MalaysiaKini.

Chronological overview of BERSIH Rally


If you’d like to read more about this rally, here’s some place to go:

November 11, 2007 at 1:03 pm 2 comments

Top 10 Useful PHP Classes

  1. Email – PHPMailer
  2. Membeship – PHP User Class
  3. Fetch RSS Feed – MagPie RSS
  4. Geographical Location- MaxMind GeoIP
  5. Other Website Content – htmlSQL
  6. Trackback – PHP Trackback
  7. Template – Smarty
  8. BBCode Parser – BBCodes for PHP
  9. PayPal IPN Integration – Micah Carrick
  10. Rich Text Editor – tinyMCE & FCKEditor

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Phiten – Easy way to release stress

It was last week that I bumped into this brand – Phiten. Sporting a rather modest store settings, I’m intrigue to check out what’s the store have to offer after watching a few seconds of promotional video they have in place at the store front.

Phiten One Utama - Store Front
Phiten, One Utama

I was skeptical about the product line ups and the claims it made over how easy it would help to release pain. Nevertheless, I did a quick browse to check out their products as well as the price range. The store has a variety of products ranging from necklaces and bracelets, tapes, lotions, gels, titanium supporters, socks, ankle guards, knee guards, waist belts, shoulder guards and titanium bandages, collared T-shirts for golf and casual wear. Sounds too much for such a small store? You bet.

I wasn’t convinced on that day but nevertheless, I decided to pick up their brochures and find further information online on my own. Still curious about the miracles it claims, I dropped by last night and put myself to a half an hour chat with it’s Store Manager, Steve Lew. He goes on to explain on what the product is about, how it helps to regulate our body electrical current and show me a simple demo on how fast the results can be achieved.

I’m given a paper bag with 2 bottles of 1.5l water and was told to lift them up using my middle finger while keeping my elbow close to my body in order to feel the muscles strain, and yes they’re right about that. Steve goes on to put a Rakuwa X30 necklace, twisted to form a bracelet and have me grab it between my ring and little finger. You wouldn’t believe how much that helps to lift the weight unless you try it yourself, I’m able to lift the weight with much more less effort than before.

I go on to inquire about their products that I’m interested in – AquaGold Gel, Healing Tapes and Titanium Supporters. I was then given another demo of their AquaGold Gel and Healing Tapes where a slap of AquaGold Gel applied on my neck (which I strained for sleeping on the sofa the night before) followed by a Titanium Tape on the strained area. I am again impressed by how quick the result can be feel, almost instantly.

Phiten - Rakuwa X30 (45cm) Necklace
Rakuwa X30 (45cm) Necklace that I bought (RM135)

I wouldn’t go on to explains the technology of Phiten products but instead, I’ve compiled a list of references that you may want to check out shall you are interested to find alternative to your pain management.


I’m in no mean of any associations with Phiten and this post is purely intended to share with you my view on the products.

November 8, 2007 at 11:20 am 9 comments

What keeps me away from updating my blog?

  1. My new job
  2. Heroes Season 2
  3. My new job
  4. Ugly Betty Season 2
  5. My new job
  6. Supernatural Season 3
  7. My new job
  8. Prison Break Season 3
  9. My new job
  10. CSI : Miami Season 6

There you go. My first post since the last one 45 days ago.

November 5, 2007 at 11:51 pm 1 comment


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