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Xiao Jiu Wo – JJ林俊傑 & 蔡卓妍

小酒窝, by JJ林俊傑/蔡卓妍

我还在寻找 一个依靠 和一个拥抱
wo hai zai xun zhao yi ge yi kao he yi ge yong bao

谁替我祈祷 替我烦恼 为我生气为我闹
shui ti wo qi dao ti wo fan nao wei wo sheng qi wei wo nao

*幸福开始有预兆 缘份让我们慢慢紧靠
xing fu kai shi you yu zhao yuan fen rang wo men man man jin kao

然后孤单被吞没了 无聊变得有话聊 有变化了
ran hou gu dan bei tun mo le wu liao bian de you hua liao you bian hua le

xiao jiu wo chang jie mao shi ni zui mei de ji hao

wo mei tian shui bu zhao xiang nian ni de wei xiao

ni bu zhi dao ni dui wo duo me zhong yao

(你不知道 多么重要)
(ni bu zhi dao duo me zhong yao)

you le ni sheng ming wan zheng de gang hao

xiao jiu wo chang jie mao mi ren de wu ke jiu yao

wo fang man le bu diao gan jue xiang shi he zui le

zhong yu zhao dao xin you ling xi de mei hao

yi bei zi nuan nuan de hao

wo yong yuan ai ni dao lao

Repeat *#@@


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Convert YouTube Video to MP3/AVI/MOV/MP4/3GP for Free

If you’re like myself, a fan of YouTube; a vast library of videos submitted by users, you’re probably already hooked on tools such that allows you to download the video in FLV format to store off line. Been a new fan of this wonderful service, I recently realize that there are tonnes of 80s/90s music videos available here as well as oldies back to 1956, some of which I had tried in vain to search for, easily available by keying in the song title followed by a click on the Search button. What bothers me really is I’d like carry these wonderful tunes in my MP3 player and the Video Downloader tools I had did not help much. After pouring some effort looking through results in Google, look what I found?!, simple and no fuss interface and, this could be the perfect match in heaven. The free service is very simple and fast, with options to convert your videos from FLV (video format used by YouTube) to MP3/AVI/MOV/MP4/3GP. The best of all this amazing work by, its FREE!

How does it work?

  1. Search for the video you want in

    YouTube Search

  2. In video page, look for the URL under the Video Details on top right. Select the entire text in the URL text box, press CTRL+C to copy.

    YouTube Video Information

  3. Paste the URL into, choose your conversion format, click on Start to begin your video conversion. Convert Video

  4. will keep you inform of the conversion progress with a huge Conversion Status bar. Conversion Status

  5. Once it’s completed, you will be prompted with Save As popup to save your converted file. Rename the converted file name to a readable format, choose a location in your PC to save the file and you will be downloading the converted result in no time. Save Result

You may find yourself unable to use the service at times as can get rather busy. I’m stumbled across with “Server too busy” error message a few times during the course of my test using the service. Overall, served as an amazing add on to online video services and it’s a matter of time before they are bought over by Google, at the rate they are going. If you do not know, claimed that they are processing 300GB of conversion per day.

Have fun!

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Listen now : Binocular

I’m currently very much in love with the sound of Binocular. It simply occurs to me as spectacular – hardly any songs in the album can be considered bad. Every track sounds so right at first hearing and you’ll find yourself hooked to his tune in no time. The entire album was driven by strong acoustic guitar sounds and upbeat music accompanied by uplifting lyrics, kept your feet tapping along the entire tracks. It also reminds me of the sound of Savage Garden and the like of pop/slow rock from the 80s era.

Self titled album, Binocular (Year 2001)

If you’re a fan of pop/slow rock of the 80s like myself, this album is a gem to keep for a very long time. I don’t remember how many times I’ve played the entire album. Most notable songs that caught my attentions were “You”, “Never” and “Deep”. Apart from the upbeat music, the lyrics were beautiful and inspiring, keeping him apart from the others. That’s what I loved most about Binocular.

Prior to this amazing album, Binocular released an EP titled “Binocular: One Expression EP”. I’m surprised that there is so little information about this wonderful singer on-line and the fact was, he had only one major album – self titled, “Binocular”. It was sad to know that his work hasn’t got the recognition he deserved from the industry, and we’re left with only this album to savor his captivating sound.

You’ll not be able to buy his album in your local music store as it is only available in the US and probably were piled around the corner under the “Bargain” sign. Sad, but it’s true. If you are interested to know more about his sound, feel free to listen to his album in my Box.Net website. Enjoy.

To know more about him:

Uncommon magic at 17:30 hour: Get a grasp of the sound I like and sharing with you.

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