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since uncle remi is not free…and i am suffering from a very bad diarrhoea and can’t be moving too much before everything in my stomach starting to come out…i will help him write a blog post on this spider-webbed space…

i believed everyone one of you out there has heard of what had happened in myanmar…so for those who are ignorant…go google and read about it…keyword : cyclone nargis, myanmar

logon to and see how you can come around to help those peeps in myanmar, as y’all know…everytime after a natural disaster like hurricane, tsunami, massive flood…the outbreak of an epidemic is inevitable…they really need all the help that everyone can give them…it doesn’t matter whether is it monetary…moral support or voluntary teams…

or the least we can do is…to pray for them before we go to sleep every night…


May 18, 2008 at 5:17 pm Leave a comment


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