I know Why I want to change, but How?

July 20, 2007 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

Having spent past an hour talking to two newly profound friends about my visions and the near future in the industry was indeed a little too well spent. In an ordinary day such as now open up a chance to spill on what I had in mind, without the slightest effort to cover the unknown and ugly side of How the labor behind the desk, carrying out the execution job can be daunting and unhappy shall no one has access to what’s going on in the mind of the beholder.

What caught my attention most was the questioning of How do I get to where I want? Am I capable of taking up the challenge I am presenting to myself? Despite having a thought of the same question myself before getting into this mind blowing discussion (literally), I’m uncertain of an answer.

Why? There is a lot of Why in our life. Do you know How to address them? Certainly, I will give that to you. Unfortunately if one required proof and fact of the effectiveness and truth of the How that build upon words that construct the sentences in order to present the idea in my mind of what I believed as the How, it will get the film rolling – ready to make Mission Impossible IV: Making the Impossible Possible. Why? Again – the Why are raised.

Our brain are capable to analyze questions and finding the answers to fend itself against attack of the Why. Ironically, as much years of experiences as you may have fighting them – perhaps growing organically into a fighter yourself; we sometimes loose to the Universe in our attempt to win over Why with the How that we thought is right. At times, with proper game plan, the How gets Why drooling all over exceeding the result we set, spreading joyous moment across the Universe. But how do you see it? It has got to get into action. That’s How.

Life is certainly a game plan that you will need to know at which point of time, one are required to take that step to get to where he/she wants to be. Believing in yourself is your best weapon and taking the utmost responsibilities to deliver your promises has never proved wrong, against the test of time. Get started to think where you are now. Get going to run a life checklist and knock yourself out, whether I need to make a change. Drained out your brain juices to find the How. You will be there one day. Remember, time is the essence of our life. Use it well, spent it worthy, and you’re on your way there.

Uncommon magic at 21:36 hour: My brain gets to speak in metaphor. Enlighten myself.


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