Internet Speed Test

July 17, 2007 at 7:36 am Leave a comment

Give it a try at home and know yourself out with the real connection speed you pay each month at RM88 to enjoyed the “High Speed” Broadband Connection served by Streamyx, TM Net.

That’s what I get at home

It sucks to know that you never gets the full 1MB you pay for but rather only half of it. I’m suppose to “consider” myself lucky if the connection speed past 500kbps as that is TM Net benchmark for “good” quality. Maybe TM Net should consider having us to pay only RM44 since they can’t served the full 1MB? Dream on!

How are we suppose to encourage people to install broadband internet service with such ridiculous connection speed? You foot the bill dutifully every month in returns of half the portion of the end product. Let’s put our shoe in this situation, are we to walk away silently if KFC decided to served only 1 piece of chicken when you paid for a Snack Plate that consists of 2 pieces instead, as shown in the menu? I don’t think so.

My guess is that our country are littered with enough bad customer service everywhere and little can we do when one corporation as big and humongous like TM Net decided to make the money of our unheard sorrow from bad internet connection. We grew too used to it and the fact that we do understand the culture better than anyone else that no matter how bad you rant/swear/complaint, they couldn’t care less. Besides, what’s home for us ‘blogger’ without internet connection? We just got to suck it up eh?



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