Harry Potter and the Birthday Boy

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It was Ben’s birthday. The plan for today was to dine at Kiku Zakura in Times Square followed by the screening of Harry Potter to welcome his entry into the Quarter of Century club. Our dinner was suppose to begins at 7 PM, giving us ample time to enjoy our food while catching up in an approximate of 2 hours. Unfortunately, birthday boy decided to catch up late, due to unforeseen circumstances in academy which left us with an hour to spend on dinner.

The buddies
The gang that turned up

The dinner was sumptuous. Everyone seems to be ordering the dinner set; which came in a tray of complete servings comprises of starter, soup, rice and main dish, secondary dish as well as appetizer.

The sumptuous dinner spread
The sumptuous dinner spread

I loved the food here, especially their Sashimi and Saba Shioyaki. It was also one of Ben’s favorite place to dine; the reason we’re celebrating his big day here.

It was 15 minutes before our movie starts. I have to rushed to the waitress and informed her to bring me the birthday cake, without the needs of serving plates as we are running short of time. Despite all the rush, we’re still having fun and Ben had his birthday song, make a wish and cake cutting ceremony. Even the patron sitting at the nearby tables came over with their kids and join us in singing. We’re too rush to be polite by offering them any cakes.

Make a wish
Make a wish

My wish will come true, blow!
May your wish come true

Picking up the candle
Not getting away from this, pick the candle!

The drama began right after footing the dinner’s bill. I was the one in charge of organizing the whole birthday thing that goes on. In short, I’m holding the movie tickets. It happened somehow today, just before I was heading out to Times Square, I’m cleaning my wallet from unnecessary receipts/papers/name cards – whatever that look like trash to me. Magically/Tragically it happened that I mistaken the movie tickets as trash and get it out from my wallet!

Everyone was standing there, looked at me and saying stuff like “It’s ok, we would then have time to eat cake” or “It’s ok, let’s hang out in Starbucks“; but deep within me, I felt terrible of guilt and complete stupidity on how I had screwed up the whole evening. Obviously, my anxiety did showed out clearly to them but I insists that we give it a try to gained entry into the cinema with the 2 tickets that I had previously given to Noel and William as we purchased the entire row.

Approaching the entry attendant in my direst look and pleading voice in relating the trouble I’m into, that guy was kind enough to allowed us in and I was sighing with great relief that thanked god I gave it a try!

The untorn tickets
The two torn tickets that allowed us in, and the other five

The movie itself was just alright. As much a fan of the series myself, I’d say that I enjoyed more reading the book which provides a whole lot more excitement and the adrenalin for you to finish the read. So the evening ends up pretty well, despite the momentarily disruption for one absent minded person that is growing older than anyone else.

Happy Birthday Ben!

The presents, 3 more person owe you!
The presents, 3 more person owe you!

Uncommon magic at 23:50 hour: Do not give up before give it a try, no matter what it is.


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