A Day Without Music

July 12, 2007 at 8:56 am 1 comment

Getting up for yet another day of work at 6 AM was agonizing. I struggled to wake up this morning due to working late last night. Finishing off my morning ritual by hooking up the MP3 player and the headphone, strapping the wire behind my neck, placing the headphone between my ears, getting to ready for some Ayumi tunes, only to realize that my player ran out of battery.

I’m sitting idle, waiting for the train to arrive. It was almost full. I’m lucky to find a compartment with relatively more space to stand. It’s weird getting on board without songs playing in my ears. I was standing in the middle, with one hand holding to the steel poll, steadying myself while the train’s door closed itself after sending out the warning beeps. I am standing without music in my ears, I am thinking, “Let the people be my music for today”. I watched silently. Holding on my standing position, just like everyone does. There was awkward total silence. The silence to me, signify struggles. Struggle to wake up on time. Struggle to beat the morning-human-jammed-train. Struggle to stay awake throughout the journey. Struggle to stay alert for a productive working day. Struggle to keep your pace up with the rest of the world. Everyone seems to have so much thought in their own space, figuring out when the next stop will arrive. It was not a beautiful music to get the day started. It was nevertheless, the truth of how life goes around. We are bound to go through a certain amount of ups and downs in life, before we are able to taste the sweet and tasty bits of it. We gained experiences though struggles, and we grow out of it. It takes only courage and determination to believe you will reach there, the place that you want to be, the place you know you will be.

I walked to my office, grab the newspaper on my way and heard a new tunes today – without my MP3 player.

Uncommon magic at 08:53 hour: You’ll find it if you read.


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Gol & Gincu, Year 2 Premier Extremely Hilarious – Beware!

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  • 1. earthkid  |  July 12, 2007 at 9:24 am

    haha..i like gol and gincu too!but missed the first episode…used to chase it during it’s first season..how can u not like sasha…she is just smokin’ hot!!~~and if u got chance to slap ayu..help me slap her oso…


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