Friends are hard to come by

July 4, 2007 at 9:12 am 2 comments

I’m still in my semi-wake up mode while holding up my coffee and flipping today’s newspaper when I came across an article written by Xandria Ooi. It was a very good read. It was a reality that we live in our everyday life and it’s something that we really should not take for granted. Friends are hard to find, it’s even harder to keep.

We’re living in the rat race – chasing a life with that dream job, looking forward to buy that dream house, sleeping at night thinking of that dream car, waking up in the morning wished you’re riding on that lavish lifestyle; only to come back to reality that we are still running on a life size thread mill that has yet to meet the end. More often than not, we tend to missed out the very essence of our life that consists of the existence of friends and family that matters more than anything else that we are after.

I personally think that it is very difficult to find friends that you can relate to. The one that you can crack stupid jokes. The one that you can open up to. One that listen to you when you’re in trouble or snapping you back to reality when things are getting out of hand. I’m lucky that I have a few of such close friends. We laugh together. Chat about unnecessary stuff. Complained about our job. Moaned over relationship issues. Enjoyed good food. Cheering on each others success. Everything. But like many other things in life, there’s a beginning and there will be a definite end.

It was a daunting moment for me at that time when one of my close buddy revealed to me the ultimate joyous moment for him – leaving the country on a full scholarship pursuing a Master Degree for 3 years; which I’m happy to hear, but at the same time the feeling of great lost came rushing down my spine and an instant surge of sadness blurred my vision with tears that I struggled to hold back. It takes only a few seconds to finally realize the importance of your friends when they are taken out of your life. I am optimistic. We’ll see each other again, and perhaps he could play host on my trip to Japan one day.

Uncommon magic at 09:00 hour: Make time for friends and family, time lost are not replaceable.


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  • 1. Winnie  |  July 31, 2007 at 1:16 am

    R u student of LimKokWing University ?

  • 2. magicwizard  |  July 31, 2007 at 3:13 am

    No I’m not Winnie. What makes you think so? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to drop by 🙂


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