June 25, 2007 at 9:28 am 2 comments

I used to convince myself that I should feel inspired and accept stress as a challenge to move forward in life. This little lie I told myself somehow worked although at times, I do feel the pressures within. I felt that we tend to grow into denying the existence of stress at work as you move higher up the corporate ladder, or as your working experience increases. We tries to display the credibility in handling stress, striving to deliver the expectations from higher management, while the cruel reality in ourself shouts for freedom. You should start asking yourself – do you know when you are stressed out? I’d like to share with you, some of the signs that I did experienced myself which you should watch out for when stress starts creeping into your life:

  • Experience fatigue and feeling sleepy even with enough sleep
  • Working more than 12 hours a day
  • Goes to sleep with work matters spinning in your head
  • Unorganised deadlines delivery
  • Forgetful
  • Anxiety, such as constant reminding yourself that something is missing or it’s never good enough in your deliverables
  • Became more critizing and argumentative in discussion/issues
  • Having low self esteem and in work
  • Muscle ache, headaches/migraine and high blood pressure
  • Eating disorder – either eats more or cutting down your meals
  • Worrying about your work constantly and always caught looking blankly into nothing

If you’re like me, you can try to keep tabs on types of situations/conditions that triggered that stress in you. Getting involved with certain projects, co-operating with a certain colleagues, meeting up with certain client or was it just a personal matter in life that bothers you. Write down in your journal if you must, just do something about it.

Whenever I’m stressed out, a good comedy always cracked me out of my grumpiest moment. Walking alone while buried in my MP3 player, playing tunes I loved does the trick for me too. Another method that I find it working for me was to wake up earlier in the morning and spend time with myself to think about what’s going on in life. Think of positive matters, it helps to lift your spirits up and kicks start your day with a smile.

Uncommon magic at 08:30 hour: Recognizing one’s fear and finding way to overcome the matter.


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Sharifah Amani, Stolen. Are you afraid to die?

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  • 1. earthkid  |  June 25, 2007 at 9:18 pm

    when i’m stress…i tlak to myself and tell myelf that everything will be ok…then i go dip my head in water till i feel like drowning…the moment u get to breathe again..u will realise life is wonderful…huhuhuh~~

  • 2. magicwizard  |  June 25, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    the next time i have anxiety attack, i’ll make sure i don’t call you. not really a fan of drowning in bathroom 😛


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