The Wonderwall

June 18, 2007 at 8:33 am 2 comments

It was an extremely early start for me today. I’m sitting in front of my laptop with my cup of coffee by 4:30 AM. It’s a week start where I’ll try to introduce more productive schedule for myself after discovering Zen Habits over the weekend. Write, Leo of Zen Habits share with his readers insights of his thought on how one should make good use of their time, in today’s fast paced world.

I’ve got a good reason to get up early. First of all, I intended to read up on Project Management; a topic I’d like to delved into and had put aside for sometime. Secondly, I’m finding a topic to write for today’s post. It got to be the drastic change that I put into my sleeping pattern, my brain is as dry as a bone – it’s not working at all. I’m staring blankly into my screen, scrolling down my mailbox, toggling between my checking my blog stats, and scanning headlines of my Google Reader RSS Feeds. Lesson of the day – do not introduce a drastic change into your sleeping hours, it does not yield the result you wished for. I had successfully get myself up by 6:00 AM for the past 2 weeks, another initiative that I find myself is capable of, and I’d more time to accomplished thing I wished to- such as blogging seriously. I should try instead to reduce my sleeping hour until my body get adjusted to the new clocking mechanism – to wake up by 4:30 AM.

Dry Moat and fort wall at Castillo

How does today’s topic come about? Due to my incapibilities to put up myself to get some task done despite waking up at such an hour, I decided to get a nap for 30 minutes on my sofa. That is when I got a deep rest and within that short period I got myself into a dream. I’m dreaming of chasing a boy skiing on his snow board, descending a hill in an unknown heavily snowed territory, one that depicting a castle of some sort. I was there chasing him, shouting him to stop only to know that within split seconds, my chase will end up in a huge fort’s wall. To my suprise the boy took a huge leap, bending down to hold on tight on his snow board, got up high in the sky and jumped over the wall. Bewildered by his escape, I followed suit and took a leap but I was stucked, standing on the wall instead. The boy looked back at me with a huge grin painted on his face and quickly took off in victorious screams. I on the other hand, stands still on the wall, looking doubtful of my life at that very odd moment. People are rushing out, probably because of the chasing and the screams – there’s 2 of them. I can’t see who are they, but they were there to calm me. Asking me to take my time and get on to the other end of the wall, where there’s a ladder, one that I could use to get down. I woke up that very moment to find that I have to take my shower and prepare myself for work, aiming to beat the morning rush hour train ride.

That is when I decided to write about Wonderwall. According to dream interpretation, dreaming of a wall such as mine signifies obstables I had in life, on that I will get over in later stage as I’m standing in between walls, feeling doubtful and fear. Come to think about it, there is truth about the meaning of the dream. Many times too often, everyone do have obstables that they need to oversome. We need to identify each of them, be truth to yourself of what needed change and work towards obtaining the best possible result. I’m making some changes to my life, I know what need to be done, and I’m working hard towards it.

I hope you do find your insights today, have a great start of the week, and do not get the Monday Blues Symptom eats up too much of your time. Time is money and money is essential. It may not be the most important thing in live, but it can certainly get you many of the important things in live.

Uncommon magic at 08:00 hour: Recognising my fear and changes I need in life. Found dreams to be a tool to access your life milestone, to a certain extends.


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  • 1. cosmic favorite  |  June 19, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    you intend to wake up every morning at 4.30am?! Geez i thought i was a nutcase haha :p

  • 2. magicwizard  |  June 19, 2007 at 8:31 pm

    Erm.. yes my dear 😛 You’ve got just got yourself a new recruit in your nutz club!


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