Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2007 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

It was a happy day. Dad were grinning and suprised upon seeing me with the present I got him. Mum were asking, “Samsung? Amende tu (What’s that)?”. Dad thought it was a DVD Player. I told him it’s a Glossy Black Finishes Samsung 17″ LCD Monitor, one that he’d like to own very long time ago but never got the wit to depart with his 600 bucks. I get to spent time with my old man over lunch, do some light shopping and fumbling to fix the stand of the new monitor. Mum was delighted to see both of us trying so hard to push in the monitor slot into it’s stand for a good damn half an hour. Dad did the trick, somehow he managed to assemble the stand and he’s as happy as a clam.

Samsung LCD Monitor
(Image derived from Samsung Malaysia)

What’s your Father’s Day like? I hope you do take some time to call your Dad if you’re not with him today. Simply listening to your voice asking his well being does wonder, although he will never said it out loud. All he care about was to know that his children do concerns of his existence. Every so often, we hear that you should never only appreciate your Dad on Father’s Day. That is very true and I truly behold to that. It is just a nice gesture that you took some extra effort to remember that today is slightly special for him.

I’d say I did pretty well for my Father’s Day. I know my Dad is very happy with what I had for him. It’s great to have the time to spend with him, albeit it’s only half a day. I here wishes all fathers in the world, a very Happy Father’s Day.

Uncommon magic at 19:25 hour: Appreciate your parents today, you’ll never know what tomorrow will become.


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