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June 13, 2007 at 1:52 pm Leave a comment

I was reading Chris Garret article on CopyBlogger entitled “Are You Writing Headlines That Sell? Stop!” and it stop me to think, “Am I doing good in attracting readers to my newly setup blog?”. Honestly, I don’t know. Uncommon Magic wasn’t setup to sell anything. It was merely a personal endevour that I always want to pursue – a platform for me to write in proper English, not “Manglish“, and hopefully with proper grammar. The difference this time around? I gave myself a little bit of pressure in taking up the responsibilities to fill the blog with meaningful entries – to discover everyday magical moments that we may miss, unless we stop and think; and many to come which I hope does not bored you to death, my dear readers.

What is the relevance of Chris’s article has in common with Uncommon Magic, you may ask? For those of you who do not blog seriously, you may think that blogging is an easy task. It wasn’t about copy and paste others people content, that’s plagiarism – I tried as much to stay away from that; giving credits where appropriate. It takes time to come out with original content, even more time to strategizes on driving traffic to your blog. Only to make it visible in the internet that quickly filled up with hundreds of thousands or even millions of existing blogs. Coming up with an entry isn’t as easy as pouring out a glass of milk and had it in one gulp down your throat every morning. I had a personal promise that Uncommon Magic will have at least an entry a day, that itself proved to be tough. I, had in the past 2 days, unable to come out with anything to write. Producing an eye catching and mind stimulating title is even harder, one that will sell your blog in this case, and that’s what headline is all about.

Since I started Uncommon Magic, alongside my newly discovered interest in photography, I sees myself following various blogs and looking out for going ons around the world. It kept me busy scouring the web for more information, in hope of finding that uncommon magic that end my each and every write up. I wish you find the magic in your everyday life, and live every moment out of it. Life is too short to waste.

Uncommon magic at 13:20 hour: I’m getting good traffic to my blog. It’s wonderful to know that there are people out there that notice my existence.


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