Destinasi Bajet, Penang – Day 2

June 10, 2007 at 11:54 pm 5 comments

My second day starts extremely early. My plan? To reach Teluk Bahang before sunrise to capture the scene and watch the Dragon Boat Race. My alarm rang at 5:45 AM and I woke up with little hesitation. Noel on the other hand, refused to pick up my call. I had to step out and knock on his door to wake him. I’m guessing that he must felt huge regret in promising to go out this early with me the night before.

We manage to find our way to Teluk Bahang’s Beach after getting lost once and stopped to ask the locals we found along the way. It was a quiet beach. The road leading towards the beach was small and curvy, fit for one vehicle only. I was a little disappointed to find that we could not catch a beautiful sunrise from Teluk Bahang’s Beach. It wasn’t the correct direction.

The unwaken face

Washed away

To further add to my disappointment, we can’t seems to see any Dragon Boats, not to mention any banners or crowd of the bewildered event promoted with huge billboards around the city. There were not even a single banner that leads you to the event along the road heading towards Teluk Bahang from Ferringi Beach, where we stay. After several trip trying to locate the race, we gave up and heads back to the guest house. So much for my anticipation to catch the race.

Breakfast was an easy task, everyone agrees on my suggestion to grab a quick bite at a stall nearby the guest house, just besides the main road. We go for “roti canai” and “nasi lemak”, the kind of local delicacy many tourist fascinated with, one that we find too common to be fond of.

Our first destination of the day is Bukit Bendera, one that we do not get to go yesterday. We arrived at the station early enough to get ourself the ticket for 9:30 AM train, RM4 each person for a return ticket. It was quite a lot of people despite the early hour. We manage to get on board in the 2nd upper level – a not so great level if you intend to photograph while the train ascend the hill, something that we have no idea about until the train starts moving. The journey ascending the hill top took about 45 minutes with an inter-change station where we’re required to board another train.

Our train descending the hill

Viewing the entireness of Penang’s city from the hill top was amazing. You get to see the cityscape with a clear view of the Penang Bridge. We have no idea that we can walk around Penang Hill. Everyone thought that getting up here were merely to view the city from a viewing deck, and that’s about it. Malaysians who do not know about the country’s attraction? You bet.

Old red phone booth, in working order

We walked around the hill top, with me actively looking for interesting subject to shoot. As a newbie in photography, I find myself constantly looking for subject to photograph – one that fit the image I had in mind.  It doesn’t work all the time but I’m giving it a shot. Photography needs practice, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

IMG_2373   IMG_2385   IMG_2387
IMG_2390   IMG_2397   IMG_2461

The tour around Penang’s Hill took us about 2 hour and we were leaving by 11.30 AM, heading back to the guest house as we are required to check out by noon. Without much time for us to further explore the island, we settle for lunch at the beach front mamak for the last time, “Mee Rojak” and “Mee Goreng Mamak”.

Our last stop in Penang is Kek Lok Si Temple, the one with huge bronze coloured Kuan Yin Statue, located in Air Itam. It was somehow on our route back to Penang’s Bridge, and we get to buy souveniers such as the famous “Tambun Biscuits” and “Buah Pala”.

We took a quick tour around the temple, visiting the various prayer hall in the huge area. I was a little suprise to know that we’re required to pay RM2 each person to visit the Pagoda, which used to be free the last time I came (that’s 4 years ago). What’s more suprising was the introduction of “World’s First Inclined Lift Ride” that brings you to the Kuan Yin Status for RM4 (return ticket per person) which you get to see a tourist attaraction that is still under construction, and you need to pay! I’m disappointed with the fact that the temple are making money out of unfinished attraction, not that I’m heart broken to breakaway with my RM4, what were they thinking?

IMG_2485   IMG_2479   IMG_2506
IMG_2511   IMG_2513   IMG_2514

We were soon departing from Penang after we got our “Tambun Biscuits” and say goodbye to the Pearl of the Orient Island once we crossed the Penang Bridge, heading back south to Kuala Lumpur.

Uncommon magic at 23:54 hour: Do better homework the next time for my trip and get to spend better time around the destination.


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  • 1. cosmic fav  |  June 11, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    huh? no dragon boat race? aiseh…but gr8 pictures!! bet u had lotsa fun! gambar guest hse mane?

  • 2. magicwizard  |  June 11, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    erm.. kinda sucks, can’t find the location. guest house pictures? didn’t take any, see the previous post mah can lor… it was a nice place to stay though. highly recommended 🙂

  • 3. cosmic favorite  |  June 11, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    eh…tak recce dulu ke the race? :p nemind, there is always next year!

  • 4. eric  |  June 11, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    Very nice pictures. They were really eye-catching… well, at least it stopped me from further scrolling the tag surfer and drop you a message. Keep it up!

  • 5. Jackie  |  August 11, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    Dragon Boat usually in May/June in Penang. 🙂


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