Don’t obsolete yourself

June 7, 2007 at 10:23 am Leave a comment

It is another morning at work and I came in pretty early, something I decided to do beginning this week. Looking at the amount of work I have at hand, it’s time to tune my body frequency to sacrifice more REM time to get more time back into my life.

It was 7.30 AM and as usual, I’m logged in to iGoogle – another initiative I’m working on to have myself more organize; checking on my mails and RSS subscriptions, one of it been Web Worker Daily. I usually just browse through the headlines, keeping myself abreast of what’s happening in web development scene, not necessarily to know each and everything of the industry but at least be in the loop of current news. It was the article that speaks about professional development for web worker that caught my interest, and I found myself reading the article in no time.

I find the article speaks a subject that everybody do know and familiar with. It serves a reminder to each web workers out there (myself included) that we can decide for ourself, whether or not we want to be obsolete in a field where new technologies been introduce every single day. Suggestions given includes:

  • Read the news related to your industry
  • Learn a new technology/skill every year
  • Speaks at user group
  • Attend industry’s conference
  • Evaluate your position in your industry every year

I’m glad that I do realize the importance of not been obsolete in my industry. I strive myself to read on subjects that matter to my interest (as of now I’m more interested in Interactive Media Marketing) as well as knowledge required to execute my daily job. I tried to diversified myself to not only read about web technology, but applying the knowledge to market client’s brand/product. I do also try to share news/knowledge I know with fellow colleagues, whenever there’s a chance to do so, be it during lunch breaks or casual conversation.

On the other hand, I’ve yet to attend any professional conference nor do I make it a must for myself to go through self evaluation of where I am in the industry as suggested. It’s a good article in my opinion, good start to get myself thinking early in the morning. To read more about the article, click here.

Uncommon magic at 10:22 hour: I’m getting older every seconds, but I do not want to be obsolete in my industry nor do I want to be obsolete in life, at least not now.


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