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June 2, 2007 at 9:49 am 1 comment

I came across a blog posting on Web Worker Daily this morning that talks about increasing your work productivity using virtual workspace. Personally, I prefer getting organized the traditional way – a physical notepad with to do list and pen, allowing me to scribble whenever I want to.

Nevertheless, I read on the article with a fair amount of interest and an open mind state to try out the various recommendations on setting up your virtual workspace aimed to increase work productivity.

According to one of their article, Web Worker Daily claimed to be Google biased. To quote their entry in the first paragraph of the said article:

Here at Web Worker Daily we’re Google-biased. We admit it. Why? For starters, many of us web workers prefer browsers like Firefox, Safari and Opera and operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux. Microsoft isn’t known for being particularly friendly to those tools.

To get yourself organised, the first step requires setting up your iGoogle homepage (you’ll require a GMail account to do this). Once you logged in to iGoogle, you can Add various module that spread across categories of News, Tools, Communications, Fun & Games, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle and Technology.

Setting up the modules suggested was a breeze as Google really does a great job in providing simple to use User Interface. Navigation was kept simple, similar to GMail interface; plain white background with light blue to highlight headers and navigation area.

I had on my homepage – To Do List, Storage, Sticky Note, Gmail, Google Doc, Google Reader and Calendar. The trick to get this work according to the article was to have yourself focused on what you wish to achieved instead of straying away and get distracted by elements such as reading your favourite blogs, catching up with the latest entertainment; you know what I meant.

However, I still do add in GMail; to have a quick glance of any important mail, and Google Reader; to allow me to stay on top of topics of my interest, although they recommend against the idea for it tends to drive your focus away. In my case, getting the status of information now (whether I’ve got new mails arrived or new posting in Blogs I followed) serves serenity. Without the thought to keep tap on these updates set my mind free and I am able to focus on my work.

I do also make use of the Tab features available in iGoogle, creating tabs that provide me news headlines that I am interested in as well as a Work Only tab, giving me information related to work only.

Having said all the above, I’ll try to use iGoogle and see if it does help to increase my productivity. In the meantime, check out the article yourself.

Uncommon magic at 09:15 hour: Realized that my work focus are slightly screwed and require some fine tuning.


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