When friends and love collides

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“My Best Friend’s Wedding”, a romantic comedy that remained one of my favourite movie of all time. The movie evolves around Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) who found out her long-time best friend Michael is getting married. Julianne secretly hopes that the promised made between Michael and herself – to both marry to each other if they are still single at 28; will one day become true. Things turned upside down when Julianne decided to heads to Chicago, with the sole intention to sabotage Michael’s wedding, resulting in many hilarious and embarassing moments ahead.

If you’ve never watched this movie before, or perhaps you’re interested to delve deeper into the movie details, check out WikiPedia.

Taking the above movie as an example, I believe many of us have been in Julianne’s position, or had heard of friends who does – falling in love with your best friend; albeit not to the extreme of destroying one’s wedding, or marriage. The first question you may ask yourself, what should I do now? Many things came running in your mind. Putting up your friendship build along the years on jeopardy might be the first and foremost of your consideration. One that put on your thinking cap, perhaps you should supress the urge to tell him/her your true feeling? Will both of you share the same “best friend” relationship after your confession?

I have not been in Julianne’s shoe but of course, being the “want to know all” person, I do have friends who confide in me with such dilemma. I’d say think about the consequences. Come out with the game plan. Backed it up with an exit door. Brace yourself to accept the outcome, and assure your friend that both of you will remain best friends shall things does not bend the way you wished for.

Come out with the game plan.
I know. It’s easier said than done. But I do believe with proper plan and taking time to execute them without the rush-rush, your love interest (in this case, your best friend) will take note that something is going on. Also, you need to think rationally (I know love is blind, people don’t think that much when they are in love!) of the pros and cons for having your best friend as your lover/partner. You must also remember that you shall not give pressure when you finally decides to talk to him/her. Allowing ample space for them to think and decides shows your respect on their final decision while do not highlight yourself as a desperate man/woman wanting to be love (although you may feel that way, deep inside).

Backup with an exit door, brace yourself.
It doesn’t matter how badly you wanted your best friend to be on another level of relationship with you. Remind yourself, things can go bad, awkward or worst, you might loose your friend. Brace yourself. Assure your best friend that you do respect his/her decision, that both of you will remain best friends, no matter what the answer is. You will never know what the future lies ahead, he/she could be rejecting your initial proposal. Confront your current reality. Get on with your life. Maintain your best friends relationship. He/She might develop love feeling to you since you’ve opened up your heart to him/her. Good things happened to those who wait.

Uncommon magic at 11:26 hour: I’m babling about love, something I am rather not that good, but life makes me think. It makes me feel alive.


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