Swim Day

May 30, 2007 at 8:30 am Leave a comment

My colleague wasn’t in, and I’m alone working on the new project database schema which I need his input before we get the real work started. As such, I get to go off early; at 6pm, and head to Sungei Wang to met up with Ben and Noel.

I walked my way to Sungei Wang and called Ben when the traffic light junctions at the McDonalds corner was about 500m away. By the time he picked up the phone, I was asking where he is and realized, “Hey, look to your right!”. He’s crossing the road from Lot 10 side with his bunch of friends.

Uncommon magic at 18:15 hour: Both friends are on time and met at cross roads.

We were having light snacks at cafe while waiting for Noel to come over. The weather looks good. We were talking among ourselves. It’d be a good day to swim, so we thought. We made our way out of Times Square, heading to Xiao He’s apartment in Bukit Jalil through OUG. Tiny rain drops started to came down, we were like “Oh, no!! What the f**k! We came all this far….”. Ben insisted that we go on and swim, “Don’t care!”; and we did.

It turned out that we got a pretty decent time to swim, while I got the chance to practice; for those who don’t know, I can’t swim. I find myself not able to synchronize my hands and legs movement, but I learned to breath properly today. It was okay, I will get there with more practice session.

Uncommon magic at 21:45 hour: Friends get to spent time swimming, rain came pouring once we’re done.


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