I’m late!

May 30, 2007 at 4:00 pm 2 comments

I just came back from my delayed and extended lunch break. I was suppose to meet up with Noel and Burn at 1pm but was unable to do so, due to work commitment. It was after the meeting that I gave Burn a call and decided on the phone that I’ll probably see him on Saturday. Right after ending the call, I’m thinking for a minute and chosen to get a late lunch break with him as I needed to give him his birthday present. It took me a speed record of 15 minutes walking none stop to reach KLCC from my office, passing roads and through what seems like a neverending walkway tunnel connected from Aquaria KLCC.

I felt a slight cramp on my feet once I reached A&W, only to know that I’m on the other end of the mall while Burn was with Noel getting some Rotiboy. I was happy to see him and impressed with his new suit, not for long though as I thought the design looks slightly too old for him, he’s only 23 for god sake. So here comes Burn question, “What do you think of my new suit?”. “You want an honest answer”, I replied. “Yeah, sure!”. I am pretty sure I’d say something nasty but well, kept my cool and suggested that the lapels are slightly too wide, gave an impression of a not so young looking suit. “I should had asked for a dishonest reply!”. I could only laugh at his remarks.

We headed to Dome for some bites and drink, spending time chatting about his interviews in Traders Hotel earlier and some catching up with what’s going on in his life lately. I felt happy making the decision to have lunch with him although I am way passed my lunch break hour as there are 2 uncommon magics revealed itself this evening:

Uncommon magic at 14:45 hour: A piece of news that I need to keep to myself.

Uncommon magic at 15:30 hour: Karthikeyan, a friend I last met 15 years ago (when I’m in Primary 6) came by our table and say hi!


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  • 1. earthkid  |  May 30, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    walao…so syok…nonit to work ar?nabei…

  • 2. magicwizard  |  May 30, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    got stucked in meeting for almost 2 hour mah.. 😛


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